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Transform your locks today!

Our highly trained stylists achieve your dreams, whatever the style. With advice on how to maintain your style and tips to take care of your hair, you won't be disappointed!

Cut & Blow-dry

Graduate Stylist       £29.50

Stylist                        £35.50

Senior Stylist            £42.50

Style Director           £45.50

Manager                   £49.50

Children -               From £15 

Hair Up -                From £25

Blow-dry -              From  £15

Bridal Hair -           By Quotation

Tape Extensions - By Quotation

Tape extensions are a discrete and fabulous way to add length or thickness to your hair.  



Full head tint  -    From £35

Tint Regrowth -   From £29 

T Section foils -  From £30

Half head foils -  From £45

Full head foils -   From £55

Bleach full head - From £80 

Bleach regrowth - From £70

Toners - From £10.50

Creative Toner - From £25

Bespoke Balayage - By Consultation

Colour correction - By Consultation

Bespoke colour - By Consultation

There is an additional cost for long hair, our prices are based on time & stylist level,  If you are a new client to us or are looking for a style change then we offer a free consultation prior to your appointment, this will cover all your hair needs from our hair treatments, take home products to the time needed with your stylist & cost. The consultation can be booked on a different day or we can book the extra time just before your scheduled appointment on that day.

Your visit to our salons is just as important to us as it is to you. We look forward to seeing you soon.